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      Safe and easy-to-use tool for aerial imaging from the height of 7.5m!
      Perfect for performance & tactical analysis.

      Performance analysis using data and video taken from high places is indispensable for sports strategy but not all the fields have shooting stands.
      As a result scaffolding or ladder need to be set up at the spot which may take time and accompany danger of falling.  
      Without scaffolding, ladder, tower, Bi Rod presents you perfect birds' eye view for Sports video filming and perforance analysis.  


      No scaffolding is necessary. Safe and convenient shooting is available at any fields.

      Especially at outdoor sports fields, aerial shooting environment is rarely available.
      With Bi Rod, you can film the scene safely without scaffolding/stepladder.


      Lightweight but strong.  
      Stable shooting is ensured.

      Bi Rod is made of 100% carbon and is light and has less deflection, which realizes stable shooting.
      Ex. Bi Rod 7.5m, Carbon type : Weight 1.6kg (just the pole)


      Easy to carry and transport in hard carry case.  

      Bi Rod itself is a telescopic pole and can be stored in a hard carrying case with shoulder belt.  

      Bi Rod is used in many occasions

      American Football



      Any questions? Please feel free to reach out to us!

      How to use


      What you need:

      Only smartphone, camera equipment and Bi Rod are necessary.  


      Smartphone or tablet which has Wi-Fi connection to your camera.


      Camera with Wi-Fi function.  

      Bi Rod

      Bi Rod with suitable length for your purpose. Tripod makes your shooting easier.


      Set your camera on Bi Rod and connect your smartphone and camera with the Wi-Fi function.

      Installation of your camera:
      If your camera has a
      tripod mount hole, use that hole for Bi Rod installation. 

      Your camera and smartphone are directly connected.
      No extra internet connection is necessary.


      Let’s shoot!

      Extend Bi Rod to the appropriate length. 

      Check the live image view via smartphone or tablet. 

      Scenes from Bi Rod shooting

      Recommended Items

      Bi Rod 7.5m

      Bi Rod 6C-7500

      This carbon rod is light but rigid. It keeps its stability even when extended.

      Bi Rod 7.5m + Tripod Set

      Bi Rod 6C-7500+Stand

      Carbon rod with tripod set for more stable shooting.


      Size comparison


      What length do you have in your line?  

      We have 7.5m and 11.5m.  

      What is the maximum weight of the camera?  

      For safety purpose, we recommend cameras less than 300g weight.  

      What are your recommended cameras?

      For high-place inspection purpose, we recommend standard compact digital cameras with Wi-Fi remote controllable function.  

      How much is the delivery charge?